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YAWK! :: Yet another WebKit
What is this? A free, new Open-Source-Bundle solution CMS to build, design and operate any modern webpage or web-app.

Designed to be slick, fast and reliable. Steady in development. Put together, what belongs together. YaWK bundles Bootstrap, jQuery, AdminLTE, FontAwesome and much more of your favourite "daily use" web(open)sourceware into a new atop overall CMS.

open to public soon

RESPONSIVE DESIGN as a matter of course
follows YaWK a consequent ideology.

Responsive design is not just a buzzword - it's a consequence of quality. 2018 - there are several hundreds of devices out there. People are not browsing through the internet just only at home from their computers anymore. A good project is ready for the chances of our faster growing world - fit for every situation. YaWK works well with every device, no matter if it's a mobile phone, a tablet or any desktop computer. YaWK-powered Websites are looking good in every situation. This is the goal. Tested with 800+ smartphones, tablets, desktop and browser combinations (so far).

built-in, powerful tools

User Management
manage users & groups

count hits, devices, browsers and more

ReDesign Bootstrap
override bootstrap colors with a few clicks

File Manager
overview and upload files

Code Editor
powerful html/css editing

Admin LTE Backend
powerful website admin tools

powerUp your webpage with free extensions

Blog Plugin
build your own successful blog

Gallery Plugin
create stunning image galleries

Booking Plugin
allow users to book an appointment

...coming soon...

repository opening soon!

proudly presented by YaWK :: Yet another WebKit