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Server Requirements (minimum config)

PHP 8.x, MySQL, Apache or nginx


Requirements | Server-side

  • PHP 8.x is recommended
  • MySQL 5.x or higher (MariaDB works also)
  • Apache 2.x or nginx Webserver
  • PHP Extensions (curl, gd, mbstring, json)

Installation | Setup HowTo

Download and extract the .zip file, upload the files to your server using any ftp client you like (we strongly recommend FileZilla). After upload process to your webserver is complete, simply call www.yourwebsite.tld in your browser. If the server is correctly configured, you will see step 1/5 of the setup process. The installation guide you through 5 steps and is pretty self-explanatory.


If you need help, feel free to open a new issue on GitHub:

  YaWK on GitHub

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Slick and Small (Download file under 5 MB)

but packed with a ton of features


Yet another Web Kit
All in One Solution for professional Web Developers

  • MIT License |
  • YaWK on GitHub |
  • Support